Friday 16 September 2022

Why Is Ginglik Still Closed and Derelict?

Why is the former Edwardian loo-turned nightclub Ginglik still closed and derelict?

In 2021 the former Ginglik nightclub on Shepherd's Bush Green put in an appplication for planning permission for a change of use.   The application was for a change of use from a nightclub to a restaurant.  

Permission was granted by LBHF (who own the site) in September 2021, but since then nothing has happened. 

The former Ginglik site occupies a long-neglected corner of Shepherd's Bush Green, which has become a site for rubbish dumping and rough sleeping.  Surely something can be done to find a use for this most central location in Shepherd's Bush?

Thursday 15 September 2022

Jonathan Pearl Chair of FOSBG

Jonathan Pearl
A warm welcome to local resident Jonathan Pearl, who has become the chair of FOSBG, The Friends of Shepherd's Bush Green

In recent months Jonathan has been working with our local council, police and other stakeholders to try and improve the state of Shepherd's Bush Green. 

With the new Hoxton Hotel soon opening, and the redevelopment and renewal of the old Walkabout pub, Jonathan believes that local residents now have a real chance to make significant improvements to our neighbourhood. 

Tuesday 13 September 2022

The FunFair is Back - from 20th September

George Irvin's Funfair is back at Shepherd's Bush Green, from 20th September until 2nd October. The Funfair was supposed to start this week but has been postponed in honour of the passing of our late Queen.  

The funfair is a bit of a marmite event - many love, others hate the noise and disruption that it brings, especially those who live on or near Shepherd's Bush Green and hate the noise it causes, particularly late at night.

George Irvin's Funfair is a regular visitor to Shepherd's Bush. In recent years they have stayed for up to a full month, but following neighbourhood complaints our local Council scaled them back to 2 1/2 weeks.

Friday 9 September 2022

Hoxton Hotel Complete

The Hoxton Hotel at 65 Shepherd's Bush Green is (almost) finished at last. 

The Hoxton Group have nearly completed their long held ambition to build a new hotel on the western edge of Shepherd's Bush Green. 

The scaffolding is down, the exterior is revealed, and the new building looks to be a handsome addition to the neighbourhood, fitting in well with the brick frontage of the existing buildings. 

Thursday 6 August 2020

Shepherd’s Bush Green is Still a Mess

Shepherd's Bush Green on a Summer Morning
Four years after we first started started posting about the sorry state of Shepherd's Bush Green, and the failure of our Council to do anything about the enforcement of laws against litter, things are as bad as ever.

Walk across Shepherd's Bush Green in the morning and you will see piles of fast food, empty bottles and cans, often dumped right next to the bins.

The worst of it is that there doesn't seem to be any attempt by our Council to enforce the laws against dropping litter.

Friday 6 September 2019

FOSBERG Meeting at The Bush Theatre 3rd Sept

Litter on Shepherd's Bush Green - what can be done?
The inaugural meeting of FOSBERG (Friends of Shepherd’s Bush Green) took place on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 in the library of the Bush Theatre on the Uxbridge Road, at 7.30pm.

About a dozen members of our local community came together, including Councillor (and former Mayor) Mercy Umeh, with the goal of trying to make a positive contribution to our neighbourhood.

This first meeting was held to gather ideas on what to do to try and make things better in Shepherd’s Bush. We all know what the problems are; the solutions to those problems are perhaps less obvious.

Thursday 18 July 2019

FOSBERG Inaugural Meeting 3 September 2019

The FOSBERG (Friends of Shepherd’s Bush Green) will hold its inaugural Meeting on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 in the bar of the Bush Theatre on the Uxbridge Road, at 7.30pm.

All are welcome.  The purpose of the meeting is to bring together members of the local community who want to make a positive contribution to making our neighbourhood a better place.

Shepherd’s Bush Green needs our love and support. Together we can work to make our community stronger and healthier.